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     I have been gaming for 25 years, most of which was spent playing Magic: the Gathering.  As a father, the time that I could dedicate to Magic was insufficient to remain competitive.  Board games have provided an opportunity to have a competitive atmosphere that doesn't require as great a time investment.  While I have always played board games, they have become a huge part of my life over the last decade.
     Some of my favorite games include Twilight Imperium IV, Obsession, and Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization.

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     I have been gaming for about 25 years.  Unlike Patrick, my game of choice was not Magic, but rather Warhammer.  As I moved on and started traveling more for work, the lure of miniatures began to wane.  Waiting to fill that hole was board gaming.  While I will gladly sit down to a four-hour-long epic, I spend a lot more time playing solo games learning games with lower learning curves to help introduce others to the hobby.  I love when I find a game that can be modified to play at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, where I get to play King for a few weekends each year. 
     I am very lucky to have a wife who is supportive and understanding of my hobby!


Andrew (Academy)

For the past eleven years, Andrew has been a stern advocate for board games. He believes that every board game creates and/or develops bigger life lessons within its players. Board games are didactic. They are tools to unlocking player’s understanding of themselves, their own anxieties, ideologies, and the world they live in. Andrew is naturally drawn to any game with a strong narrative; however, some of his favorite games such as Viticulture, Great Western Trail and Terraforming Mars grow from the Euro game garden. Andrew lives just north of South Dakota where he hosts a weekly gaming event in the community, attends grad school, hosts the As Per My Ability YouTube channel, is currently writing a book about history and tabletop gaming, and always celebrates International Tabletop Day like it’s his second birthday!

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Josh (Lost Loot)

My tabletop adventures began in early 2016 when I started to learn to play Dungeons and Dragons 5e. I quickly fell in love with RPG's and was running sessions 1 or 2 times a week! After moving back to the east coast I started to play DnD with my neighbors who invited me over to one of their board game nights where I was introduced to the hobby via the game Root. From there I was hooked! For the past 2 years I have been buying, selling, trading, living, designing, and breathing board games. I still have a deep love for RPG's and am currently one of the professional/curated Dungeon Masters at my FLGS. But my love for reviewing, dissecting, and especially playing board games grows each day.

Ryan (Teacher)

I started playing games since I was 13 when Pokemon Trading Card Game came out. After a few years, I moved over to playing Yugioh, then onto VS System, then to the Naruto TCG, and finally to Magic the Gathering in 2012. One day in 2015, I was at my FLGS on Friday to play Magic, but instead they had a Board Game, since I was there, I walked around and decided to join a game of Above & Below. I was hooked by the art, and then by the storytelling and the mechanics, so I found another game being played called Lords of Waterdeep. I love the hidden role, the vying for spots to get resources, the Quest completion, etc. I thought to myself that day that I needed to try out EVERYTHING. My first purchased game was Betrayal at House on the Hill 2E, followed by Above & Below, and finally the DC Comics Deck-Building Game. I have been building a collection since; but nowadays, not only do I love playing games, I greatly enjoy teaching them more, and seeing others get the 'wow' factor like I had when I played that first game of mine so many years ago.

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     The Level Up Board Game Podcast encourages listeners to submit their audio to be used on the show. We believe that some of the best discussion and ideas don't come from a small group of hosts but from a thriving community.  Our focus is on board gaming and the community/  We genuinely want to be the flagship podcast for getting gamers involved and sharing their thoughts.

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