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When submitting your thoughts on what you have been playing lately, or "recent adventures" segment, please format in the following manner:

1. Introduce yourself if you like

   a. "and my recent adventure was.... (insert game name)


      -feel free to add some flavor here: Don't simply "play Cosmic Encounter," but instead perhaps you had "an 

       intergalactic encounter with the Filch in Cosmic Encounter!"


     -if possible, please include the game's designer and publisher (easily found on


2. Include a simple breakdown of how the game is played.

     -Do not teach the entire rulebook... simply give a simplified idea of what players do on their turn and how

       the game is won.

3. Tell listeners about your gameplay!

     -Share how you felt about the game.  What did you love? What could be improved? etc?


     -Please avoid overly negative thoughts about a game.  This is not the segment for it.

4. When concluding your thoughts, please re-state the game name!

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